Rachel Shea

Rachel has held positions of leadership and management in various employment settings. She also has experience working on an editorial board of a local art and literary magazine called Prism, where she helps to select pieces for publication and aids in their editing process.

Rachel began her English studies at the College of Southern Idaho in 2009 and received an Associates of Arts degree in 2012. It was here that she discovered her affinity for words and passion for social justice.

Rachel is currently a senior at Oregon State University, is studying as an English major with a writing minor and currently holds a 3.97 overall GPA . Here she enjoys taking courses that focus on various writing styles and mediums while honing her skills as a writer.

Rachel considers herself a feminist and enjoys reading and writing about various social justice topics and current events. Her hobbies include training and bonding with her dog, Tucker, shooting at the local archery range, and playing casual games of billiards.